Application Security

Security is not a thing that you add at the end. Security is not a product that will solve your application security problems


About Us


We have about 2 decades of experience in delivering application security consultancy, source code review and cloud security assessment. We have worked with various organizations in government, finance, education and retail sectors. adopts a ‘Secure by Design’ approach to proactively manage and identify security risks in early stage. This approach will help our clients to deliver a secure outcomes to their business, customers and become more competitive in their domain.

Our Services

How Can we help you?

Source Code Review

An application source code review complements application penetration testing with an internal view of the application’s code quality and potential security issues relating to its design.

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Cloud Security Review

Review each asset deployed on your cloud environment to ensure each one has been securely configured. Attackers and malicious users may leverage an insecure implementation to compromise the cloud environment and its data.

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With shortened product life cycles and rapidly changing security landscape we understand how important and critical to integrate security into your SDLC.

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Threat Modeling

Building a new application without having a threat model will make it hard to identify where things could go wrong in your application or system.

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